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                                                               Cropped Faux Leather Jacket
                                                                                                   Midi T-Shirt Dress
                                                                                             Lip Color /  NYX Copenhagen 

For the past couple of months, my fashion has sucked. I literally have been rolling out
of bed looking like a hobo. - literally guys, I've lost any and all fashion sense that I had.

I think the pressures of work and school are making me forget the fact that I'm a human, not a fucking sloth. Day after day I feel uninspired to do anything. Tell me you know my struggle!

Do you guys remember the scene from Mean Girls when Regina George and her crew of plastics pulled up in front of Cady and low key insulted her/ helped her find a fashion sense. I had that moment with myself. I literally told myself, "Get in the car loser we're going shopping!"

At first, I had no idea where I was going to go since I do most of my shopping online. I totally forgot that there was a Rainbow store in the shopping center next to my house. Since I've discovered the world of online shopping, I've become boogie af. I've forgotten the places I use to shop before the come up. Lol !

But no seriously Rainbow has a great Plus Size section they upgraded their fashion and material. I was pleasantly surprised when I went in there. I came across this dope cropped faux leather jacket in which I love so much prepare to see me in it all the time. I also saw this midi t-shirt dress. I love the material of the dress it's thick enough for those cool autumn nights. I wish I could let you all feel the texture. Plus, the dress came with this dreamcatcher necklace. The necklace can be removed from the shirt. Both of these items can be found instore and online I provided the links above. They also offer military discounts so I save a good amount on this outfit.

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