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                                                                  It's Freaking 2017!

 I'm so blessed to be able to say I made it to another year. 2016 was a good year for me but 2017 is about to be even better. I made it my mission to accomplish everything that I want to do and be in life. The New Year gives us a chance to start over fresh and I'm starting over!

I know some people feel that a new year shouldn't be the start of setting and accomplishing goals but let's be honest it does help you think about the things you want to work on to have a better year than the year before. So I don't care! I'm making a list regardless if I accomplish all of them or not. I want to share my list of goals for 2017 ♥  

                                                                1. Save My Money
This is on the top of my list and I'm pretty sure it's at the top of yours. I have a huge problem when it comes to saving my money. I just recently started working again and I have just been blowing through my money. I know it's crazy! I want to start putting money away so I can move out on my own.
                                                               2.  Become Healthier
This is my hardest goal on my list because its been on every single resolution list I've ever created for the new year. I'm just not referring to losing weight when I say become healthier. I not only want to have a healthy body but a healthy mind and soul as well. Through the years I've always had one without the others. In 2017 my goal is to have all three. All the years before has set me up to be able to have this goal.

                                                                3. Travel More
Now, that I have a steady income I want to travel more. Last year, I didn't travel at all.I want to be more culturally inclined. I feel like when you travel it brings more meaning to life. You start to see the world differently. I want to experience new things. Places I want to travel to this year include California, New York, Las Vegas, and Paris
                                                              4. Invest Time & Money In Myself
I never invest my money or time on myself! I never spend my money on clothing or things that will make me feel happy. All my money goes to gas and food. Yo, Chick fila is the fucking devil! I also never take time out to do what I want to do. I've never spent a day where I just go out and do things that make me happy.  I work too hard to not invest my time and money in myself. 2017 will be the year that I start!
                                                             5. Make more Videos & Blog posts
You all should know that I like to make Youtube videos and just started my blog. I want to make sure I keep providing more content on both platforms. I feel like I let every one of my subscribers down, but with the stress of school and deciding to get a job, I couldn't find a balance to do everything. Working and going to school has been so new to me I think I've got the hang of it so I want to also start making better content for myYoutube and Blog. I love making videos and sharing my thoughts with you all. It honestly makes me so happy and I want to get back to creating and sharing!
                           What are your resolutions or goals for the New Year?  Let Me Know!



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