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Finding your personal style can be a struggle; trust me I know the struggle all too well. I didn't get the chance to experiment with my own personal style until I was twelve. My mother was very over bearing when It came to me picking out my own school outfit. Nothing I chose made sense to her and looking back I totally understand why -insert ugly pre-teen outfit here-. I am not afraid to admit my wtf moments throughout my middle and high school years. Those times got me to where I am today.

Creating a style sense that helps me stand out from my peers are goals but great style is more than just attracting attention. Being stylish is about feeling confident and beautiful in what you wear. I came up with some tips that can help you on your journey of finding your own unique style.

1. Seek Inspiration

My go to place for style inspiration is Instagram! Instagram is the place to connect with people who have similar interest as you. There are many bloggers I follow who inspire my everyday style. Some of my favorites are GabiFresh, Gracie Francesca, and Shameless Creature. Maybe you have a certain fashion icon that you idolize. Do research on them and focus on the looks that you adore, and turn it into your own unique style. I also recommend using Pinterest to organize all your favorite outfit looks so you will always have inspiration on hand.

2. Dress For Comfort

Find clothing that you feel comfortable in. Over the years, I've realized that I value comfort over anything. I never understood why certain people would make themselves so uncomfortable for the sake of a "fashion trend." I have to feel comfortable in the clothing that I am wearing in order to feel confident in them. My favorite clothing item that makes me the most comfortable is jeans. You will rarely see me in anything other than jeans. I always reach for the clothing pieces I know are going to flatter my body shape.

3. Experiment

It's okay to like more than one type of style. Do not get caught in the lies that you can only have one style type. Having a diverse wardrobe says that you are versatile. One day I will dress very feminine showing off every curve on my body, and then wear the most laid back items I have in my wardrobe. I would never wear a crop top because I thought they would not work for me. This was me over thinking a piece that I never tried on. I had an IDGAF moment one night and now I'm obsessed with crop tops. It's all about what makes you feel happy at the end of the day. 

4. Dress For Yourself

Dressing for yourself will change your whole perspective on fashion. It can be a huge struggle to dress for yourself when you have society telling you to follow the latest trends. I'm sorry guys but what works for someone else might not work for you. I promise you if you wear clothing for the sake of other people or trends you will lose your personal touch in the process. No one wants to feel like a clone! Try buying one trendy piece and adding your own personal touch to it. 

Outfit Details 

Crop Top | Boohoo+
Floral Kimono | Forever 21+   
Lace Skirt | Boohoo+
Sneakers | Vans 

"Style is a way to say who  you are without having to speak." —Rachel Zoe

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