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Its been a minute since I've posted on my blog but I'm back ! I've been trying to stay on my P's and Q's with this YouTube and blogging thing. I'm trying y'all I'm trying lol.

Ive always had some thiccass eyebrows. I just started getting them waxed and filling them in within the last 3 years maybe less. At one point I was Okay with having unruly brows. Makeup made me get my act together and tamed these beast. Im not saying that if you have thiccass eyebrows like me wax them. I just feel that waxing my eyebrows make my makeup looks a tad bit more snatched.

Here are the products I use to achieve my perfect eyebrows:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade $18

This will always be a staple in my eyebrow routine. I just love the formula. This product can look very intimidating to some but it's very easy to use. These pomades come in a variety of colors. I currently use the color Ash Brown. A little product goes along way. Ive had my jar for about six months now. If your not into pomades Anastasia also offer the same colors in pencils and powder.

Morphe's M215 Brush $1.99

Before I talk about how good this brush is can we get a moment of silence for the price of the brush....I am here for Morphe and what they stand for - AFFORDABLE. They have great prices for everything on their site. Y'all know how much I love affordable makeup and makeup brushes HELLO. This is the only brush that I reach for when I fill in my brows. I get so upset with myself if I misplace it and have to reach for a different brush. Thats how deep my love is for this brush.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer  $4.99-6.99

You know about my love for this concealer. I use this for my brows and face. I use this product to highlight and conceal sparse hairs that may have grown back before its time for a wax. I will sometimes skip this step If my brow lady worked her magic on my brows that week. This will make your brows look super polished and perfect.

Here is my full tutorial on my eyebrow routine:

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