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Hello, beautiful people! Let's talk about a topic we know all too well L.O.V.E.  I'm not referring to the love that comes from a relationship, but the love you have for yourself. I am still on my journey of practicing self-love. Today, I'm going to give you some dope ass advice on how you can practice self- love with me 💗

1.  Spend 15-30 minutes reading, watching, or listening to material that inspire you. Use this time to connect with yourself or even the world around you. I love watching advice videos on youtube. I become motivated and find myself accomplishing the things that I felt were a struggle.

2. Stop bullying yourself! Don't believe everything you think. Listening to my inner voice has stopped me from trying and doing new things. I always catch myself saying something negative about the way I look, act and think. I am definitely my worse critic. If I notice myself disrespecting myself I will try to counteract my negative thought with something positive. Treat yourself with love and put some respeck on your name! I ain't going to tell you no mo'.
3. Meditation is Key! A healthy mind leads to a positive life. I mediate any and everywhere I go. Meditation is sometimes viewed as crossing your legs in an uncomfortable position while saying "umm mmmm" This is true in some cases but you do not have to meditate that way. I like to sit or lay in a comfortable position, close my eyes and clear my mind.  Meditation has helped me through so many struggles in my life. I thought that It would never work for me but it did. If you don't know how to start your meditation journey I recommend you download the apps Headspace and Simple Habit they will show you how to incorporate meditation into your daily life. Namaste !

4. Get rid of all your toxic relationships! No really, drop the fuckboys and the jealous friends. They are not a good look. Anyone who doesn't make you feel happy it's time to let them go. They honestly don't deserve you. I have chased so many toxic people out of my life with a bat they should call me the toxic relationship ninja! Surround yourself with people who love and encourage you.

5. Stop comparing yourself to the next person. Out of the 7.442 billion people on this earth, there is only one you. I'm sorry but that is so dope to say out loud. I use to compare myself to other people all the time and it made me so unhappy. Then one day I realized that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Compare yourself to the old you to see how far you came instead. Embrace the path that you are on and love the things that make you different.

6. Follow your passion. Whats the one thing you look forward to doing every day? yep, that's your passion! You are talented at what you do so why not do it every day.

7. Write it down. Keep a journal to write all your thoughts good and bad. I love re-reading journal entries I wrote from past years to see some of the good memories I went through and the struggle I overcame. Plus you will feel ten times better getting everything off your mind.

8.  Live your life with a purpose! We all forget that we were put on earth for a reason. Try setting goals for yourself. I always write down the goals I want to achieve for the year and find myself achieving at least one or two things off my list. If you set goals for yourself and work hard to accomplish them, you will automatically develop the appreciation and the respect you were always looking for.

Now that you are fully equipped with some tools on how you can practice self-love. Give yourselves the love and respect you deserve. Please share some of your self-love tips in the comment section below. I would love to hear how you all practice self-love and you never know someone might need to hear your encouraging words.💗
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