My Skincare Routine

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So, let’s talk about skincare before I get into what I do to take care of my skin. I must first admit that I suck at routines. My track history with my skin is not so great I am just now figuring out what works best for my skin and what doesn’t. 

I just recently had the worst break out of my life and when I say it was bad guys… It was bad! Let’s just say I had a meltdown in my bathroom at like 2 am. I’m talking Kim Kardashian “you put me in such an uncomfortable situation” moment. It was tragic! Although I had that dramatic moment I had to figure out how to get rid of this breakout and get my skin ready for summer. I refuse to wear a bunch of makeup in the summer!

I had to go back in the archives and remember what I did when I had these skin issues before. So, I ran out to my local drug store to get the products I didn’t have already.

I’ve fallen in love with these products so much that I have to share them with you guys!

Ultimate Skin Spa System 

Everyone needs this in their skincare routine. This bad boy helps me get that perfect clean face I desire. It is more efficient than using a washcloth or fingers. The brush comes with three brush heads (cleansing brush, silicone brush, exfoliating brush). My favorite is the exfoliating brush. I wear a lot of makeup and it’s the best brush for deep cleaning.

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash 

This is an oldie but good product. I used to use this product around the time I got out of high school. This facial cleanser along with other simple products got my face to the healthiest point my skin has ever been. I think it’s because Simple products don’t have those harsh ingredients like other brands out there on the market. My face feels refreshed, soft and clean after use.

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel 

This is a very important step that many people slack on in their facial routine. Toning your skin after cleansing helps get rid of dirt deep down in your pores and closes your pores to prevent dirt from accumulating. It also reduces redness on your face. Witch Hazel has been in my skincare routine for a long time now. It’s the secret to get rid of those bad breakouts!

Ponds Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Cream 

Dark spots are the worse! This product helps get rid of those unwanted dark spots. I use this cream as a moisturizer as well. I get super hydrated skin while evening out my skin which is a plus! It’s the perfect aid I need to have flawlessly even skin.

EOS Lip Balm 

Am I the only one who will buy lip balm and lose it that same day? I make sure to have lip products on me at all times. I’m sorry it is not cute to walk around with crusty lips! I especially love my EOS lip balms they are super hydrating and I only have to apply it two times throughout the day.

What products do you have In your skin care routine?

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