Reclaim Your Worth


Over the last few months, I have completely forgotten that my DNA is made up of 100% that bitch!
In other words, I forgot my worth. I've never been the type of girl to care about what others think of me. I was raised as a princess and was told to never let anybody disrespect me.

I cannot express it enough on the need for a woman to know her worth. Knowing your worth is the most crucial part of womanhood. Self-worth is the key to mind blowing human connection. 

Here is why I feel that it is important to know your worth:

Self-worth brings out confidence. Confidence makes everyone more attractive. I'm not referring to attractive in a sense of looks but vibes. We all want to be around people with good energy and vibes right?  

I have been slowly building up my confidence. I still have my moments of insecurity; I am far from perfect but I can see a huge change in the people I attract in my life. I use to attract people with a negative outlook on the world. Now I'm around creative and supportive people who want to travel the world just like I do. It's crazy how a simple word "Worth" can make a huge difference in your world.

Not knowing your worth is the cause of those crappy relationships with men. I too have falling victim to men that are tall, dark, handsome with a perfect smile. My inner teenage girl is drooling as I type this lol. I was swept off my feet a couple of times by my ideal guy but most of those relationships failed or didn't connect due to my lack of self-worth. I showed those guys that my self-worth was low and It was over from that point on.

Ladies, It's important to guard your heart and not give it to any guy that might seem perfect on the outside. Knowing your self-worth means not accepting anything less than what you deserve. Having your heart broken by someone you thought was going to love and protect you hurts. Bad!

When you value yourself you will know how to say "NO" and Mean It! Not only to those toxic relationships but to choices you know that are not a good fit in your life. I've always struggled with saying "NO" I get stuck into situations that I could have avoided if I just had said "NO" I'm starting to realize the power of that two letter word. I now know what is good for me and what is not. Respect yourself enough to say "No" and never look back.

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 How can you expect other people to respect you if you can't respect yourself? We feel that respect should be automatically given to us... that is not a realistic view. Respect is a two-way street you have to give respect to gain respect. Respect always starts with you. If you want others to respect you for who you are you have to respect yourself!

Stop seeking assurance from elsewhere! Not having self-worth can lead you in a direction where you are making decisions that will make you feel unworthy. (ie. substance-abuse, toxic friendships, toxic relationships, extreme diets, extreme alcohol use etc.) No one in this world knows what is best for you expect you! Beauty is developed inside out. Loving yourself internally and externally will show people that you value yourself, then they will start to value who you are.

Most of all, Knowing your self-worth will help you empower other women. Believe it or not, we are role models for someone. I have so many young family members who I know look up to me on a daily basis. So having self-worth is important to me! It takes a strong woman to help empower and encourage other women. This is something that is rare in our generation. So, let's rise above our insecurities and start being there for one another. You are worth way more than you think!


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  1. Yaaas babygirl! Nothing but fruit in this post. Traveling will do that!